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Medium Dinner Bell Spoon (3/16oz)
Fish Frostbite Canada

Medium Dinner Bell Spoon (3/16oz)

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1.5" - 3/16oz The medium Dinner Bell is one Walleye lure you could use all day, every day, all winter long. This 3/16-ounce bait is compact enough to appeal to wary fish, while offering plenty of flash in its vulnerable wobble to excite aggressive feeders. This size is also a top choice for trout, bass, and large panfish.

The Dinner Bell is a catch-all spoon! The noise and commotion caused by the inner blade offers a truly unique action with lifelike appeal. This is a fantastic jigging (or casting or trolling) lure for targeting Walleye, Panfish, Trout, Bass, Pike, and many more. Choose from 12 proven colors, with 6 signature GLOW patterns, that all have premium black nickel components, including the sharpest, strongest treble hooks available and a low profile cross-lock snap.

1 per pack.